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About Us
We love to travel, especially to Walt Disney World!  It has been fun spending hundreds of hours planning for our trips and touring WDW.  Our travel planners have completed the College of Disney Knowledge and are Authorized Disney Vacation Planners.  You can be sure we know the parks inside and out.
We are always surprised by how many people come back from WDW complaining about their trip.  The lines were too long, the restaurants were all booked, the kids were so cranky, we barely rode any rides, etc.  That was when we realized that most people don't plan for their trips and they really don't want to.  
We love researching and planning for our trips to WDW, but most people don't have the time or the desire to do so.  At first, we helped to plan trips for friends and family.  They told others about their amazing trips and that is how Custom Mouse Plans was born.  We started out doing itineraries and touring plans for clients who had already booked their Disney World vacations.  Over time we branched out to include Universal Studios and Disneyland.  Recently, we added full travel agent services!  Now you can have the wonderful specialized Custom Mouse Plans service on all of you trips! 
You contact us, fill out our questionnaire, and let us put all of our research and experience to work creating your customized plans for the perfect vacation!  We can do full trip planning for all destinations and cruises.  If you have already booked your trip, we can still create your Custom Mouse Plans itinerary and theme park touring plans so that you can enjoy a vacation without waiting in long lines!  If you book with us you will get a large discount on your plans!

Katie Landsman, Founder of Custom Mouse Plans
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